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Initial consultation and treatment (90 mins)/Follow-up treatment (60-75 mins)  £70

Frequency and amount of treatments very much depend on each individual - their constitution, health

condition and seriousness of their diagnosis.

Acute health problems require fewer and more frequent treatments as opposed to chronic problems.



CHILDREN (0-16 years old):

Initial consultation and treatment (60 mins)/Follow-up treatment (30-45 mins)  £45

In younger children, specially dyed silk patches are used and applied on acupuncture points in order to

stimulate their action, assuring completely needle-free treatments.




For example, acute lower back pain normally requires 1-2 treatments within a week or a week apart.

A constant pain of plantar fasciitis in foot usually requires 4-5 treatments in more frequent intervals.

It is important to note that acute pains are symptoms of body's long term exhaustion. While acute pain can be resolved with acupuncture effectively and quickly it is advisable to also attend to the underlying weakness which caused the pain in the first place. This is often done effectively by changing person's lifestyle habits that contributed to the health problem manifestation.

After acute pain has been resolved it is advisable to continue with few more treatments in more spread out intervals in order to strengthen body's energies and prevent any further symptoms of pain to re-occur.


Everyone is different, however in general, in chronic problems it is beneficial to treat a new patient once in two subsequent weeks and then start spreading the treatments to once in two weeks, once in three weeks and once a month until the condition resolves.

In cases where health problem cannot be reversed completely it is significantly reduced and maintained.


Some people wish to come for a treatment monthly to re-balance their energy and there are also those who wish to come every 3 months during a change of seasons.


April UK, Aviva, Cigna and WPA.


Please note that at least 48 hours cancellation notice is required, otherwise 50% cost of the treatment may be payable.


Tel:  07903 806 463


Days available:

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Chelsea Natural Health Clinic

208 Fulham Road (First Floor)
London  SW10 9PJ


The clinic is in on the first floor of the building, above the shop called

'STRANOS' and seconds away from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. 


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