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Initial consultation with treatment (1hr 30mins)  £90

During the first session, a comprehensive medical case is completed by asking you questions

about your current physical and psycho-emotional health as well as questions about your past

medical history and  your family medical history. I allow plenty of time and space for you to

express and explain all that is concerning you about your health and well-being.

I will then make a diagnosis and prepare a treatment strategy on how to help your body-mind to

re-balance and heal. The needles will stay inserted for about 21 minutes.

Further, I will explain all connections and reasons for why you are manifesting certain health imbalances in connection to your own energetic constitution and will offer you a guidance and advice on how, alongside acupuncture, you can help to support your own body-mind to heal and thrive again.

I believe that a true healer does not only help their patient to heal with a profound treatment but he/she also teaches their patients about how to look after their bodies well to prevent health issues manifesting. As we all have different physical and emotional energetic constitution, the initial consultation is followed-up by email containing information on your specific energetic constitution in connection with your presenting health issue and how you yourself can support your body to heal itself.

Follow-up treatment (1hr 15mins)  £80

During the follow-up treatments I will allow time and space for you to reflect on how your health is improving and what needs to be helped and supported further. Any further guidance and advice will be offered as appropriate. Needles will again stay inserted for about 21 minutes.

CHILDREN (8 -16 years old):

Initial consultation with treatment (1hr 15mins)/Follow up treatment (1hr)  £65


Frequency and amount of treatments very much depend on each individual - their constitution, health condition and seriousness of their diagnosis. Acute health problems require fewer and more frequent treatments as opposed to chronic problems.



For example, acute lower back pain normally requires 1-2 treatments within a week or a week apart.

It is important to note that acute pains are symptoms of body's long term exhaustion. While acute pain can be resolved with acupuncture effectively and quickly it is advisable to also attend to the underlying weakness which caused the pain in the first place. This is often done effectively by changing person's lifestyle habits that contributed to the health problem manifestation.

Once acute pain is resolved it is advisable to continue with few more treatments in more spread out intervals in order to strengthen body's energies and prevent any further symptoms of pain to re-occur.


Everyone is different due to our unique energetic constitutions, however in general, in chronic health problems it is beneficial to treat a new patient in two subsequent weeks once a week and then start spreading the treatments to once in two weeks, once in three weeks and once a month until the condition resolves.

In cases where health problem cannot be reversed completely it is significantly reduced and maintained.


Some people wish to come for a treatment monthly to re-balance their energy and there are also those who wish to come every 3 months during a change of seasons.


Allianz, April UK, Aviva, BHSF, Cigna, Medicash, Pay Care, Simply Health and WPA.


Cancellation within 24 hours: 50% of the fee is payable.


Tel:  07903 806 463



Saturdays and Sundays


Chelsea Natural Health Clinic

208 Fulham Road (First Floor)
London  SW10 9PJ


The clinic is located on the first floor of the building, above the shop called 'STRANOS', almost opposite to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. 

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