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Stems and Branches Acupuncturist




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I am deeply passionate about my work, helping my patients to return back to health by assisting them in healing their physical and emotional imbalances.

I practise classical constitutional acupuncture known as Stems and Branches acupuncture, which is based on Chinese Metaphysics and outlines the precise physical and emotional energetic constitution of a person according to their date of birth. As such, Stems and Branches acupuncture outlines the exact organs and meridians a person is most likely to develop imbalances in, when physically or emotionally out of balance throughout their lifetime.

The understanding of person's very unique energetic imprint, allows me to treat each and every patient uniquely, in a very refined and profound way. It has proven to be very effective in addressing the underlying cause of the presenting health problem, as opposed to treating symptoms alone. This enables my patients to not only heal faster but more importantly, it enables them to heal deeply which promotes the overall health and well-being in a long term.

I gained my fundamental training in Stems and Branches acupuncture when completing 3 year undergraduate acupuncture degree at International College of Oriental Medicine, the oldest college of acupuncture in the UK, which was regulated by Greenwich University in London.

I was further extensively and post-gradually trained in Stems and Branches acupuncture in Netherlands and in Western - Classical Chinese pathology in the UK, over four years.

Apart from continuous studies in acupuncture and psychology, I regularly attend seminars on natural medicine and as such, also advise on a healthy, toxic-free lifestyle, gut healing and natural healing.

I am a member of The Acupuncture Society which acts as my regulatory body.


  • 'Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars' - Ba Zi training with Richard Ashworth, Brighton, UK

  • Essential Oils in Classical and Chinese Medicine - with Master Jeffrey Yuen, Zeist, Netherlands

  • Pediatrics - with Joan Duveen, Den Dolder, Netherlands

  • Postgraduate seminars in Pulse Diagnosis - with Joan Duveen, Baarn, Netherlands

  • Postgraduate seminars in Stems and Branches Acupuncture - postgraduate extensive training with Joan Duveen, Baarn, Netherlands

  • Pulses Diagnosis - with Joan Duveen, ICOM, East Grinstead, UK

  • Introduction seminar to trigrams, hexagrams and acupuncture - with Joan Duveen, Soesterberg, Netherlands

  • Typology 10 Great Movements & 10 Heavenly Stems - with Joan Duveen, Forrest Row, UK

  • Acusilk - with Gary Hussey, ICOM, East Grinstead, UK

  • Lunar Mansions - with Peter van Kervel, ICOM, East Grinstead, UK

  • East Meets West: Western Pathology through the eyes of Classical Chinese Medicine - postgraduate extensive training in pathology with Peter van Kervel, East Grinstead, UK

  • Degree in Acupuncture BSc (Hons) - International College of Oriental Medicine, East Grinstead, UK (Greenwich University)