Kind  Words ...

"I originally came to see Eva with my back pain, shoulder pain and leg cramps which she resolved within few sessions. After seeing how skillful and experienced Eva was I asked her whether she could help me with my runny nose with which I suffered  for over 30 years. For the first time in 30 years the sinuses in my nose are in a perfect condition, completely dry as they should be. I know how difficult it is to find a good, skillful and experienced acupuncturist, I'm very grateful to have found Eva. She has a very caring approach and I can't recommend her highly enough"  Mr M.H. Leung

"I would like to say that having your treatment has been a real blessing to me. 

I booked acupuncture because, for a number of years (and especially in recent months) I felt  stressed, angry & anxious with my relationships and confused & scared about my future for myself and my family. I had 6 treatment sessions with Eva & after each treatment I always left feeling calmer and more relaxed about situations, where I would have previously crumbled. I saw a big difference in how

I handled situations & grew in confidence to take on new challenges. I really appreciated that Eva has a very kind and welcoming aura and really took the time to get to know me and understand my issues. Acupuncture has been amazing in my life and I really enjoyed the experience. My thoughts and purpose are a lot clearer & I highly recommend her treatments. Thanks you so much Eva!" Ms Gina O.

"I had been suffering from ongoing sinus problems and food intolerances stemming from a viral infection from about 5 years ago. GP's only wanted to deal with the symptoms and I felt I had tried everything with little to no lasting effect. Then I tried Acupuncture with Eva. I can truly say she is a God-send! Her patience, understanding and gentle approach combined with her great knowledge and determination to get results are a real credit to her. In just a few regular sessions

I now have almost zero symptoms with my sinuses which has meant improved sleep, better breathing and never having to carry tissues wherever I go! Another bonus is that, by dealing with the root of the problem (liver infection), food intolerances have reduced hugely. I only wish I had tried acupuncture sooner.

I cannot recommend Eva highly enough." Mr Gary H.

 "Eva was recommended to me as I had been experiencing irregular and very heavy period for most of my life. I did not know what to expect and was a bit worried about needles. My fears and worries disappeared the moment I saw Eva for the very first time. Her friendly face, kind mannerism and above all gentle approach left me feeling relaxed, comfortable and trusting to be in good hands.

It has been a year since I had two acupuncture treatments for my problem and

I can honestly say that since then I am getting my period exactly on the day

I should and it's much lighter than it used to be! I would like to thank Eva from the bottom of my heart for helping me and wish her all the best for the future.” Ms Zuzi S. 

"I have been having acupuncture with Eva and she has helped me considerably. She is an excellent therapist and takes a huge amount of care and thought when treating me. Since having acupuncture with her I feel much better and my symptoms have improved a great deal.I feel confident in highly recommending Eva." Mrs Melissa H.

"I came to see Eva when I had terrible sinusitis and was suffering a lot. Two sessions with Eva were enough to solve the problem. On another occasion I had been struggling with a strong hay fever for 3 weeks with no improvement whatever I tried. In one session only Eva helped me not only to get rid of it but to get the smell and taste I had lost for weeks back again. Eva is so caring and so good at listening. She is a professional for sure but a lovely human being as well and I will highly recommend her." Ms Anne D.

"I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to Eva for helping me fight the ongoing problem of night sweats.

It was a great nuisance for me, especially since I had to change pyjamas and linen several times a night. Not only I have benefited from Eva's service but also I enjoyed it from start to finish. Eva has a great way of dealing with her clients, she is very attentive, friendly, yet professional. I have never felt like one of many and have always been made feel unique. I have really enjoyed coming for acupuncture and I can definitely recommend Eva to everyone."

Mrs Tanya D.